Hey there! I'm Arti.
I promise attention to detail and quality.

I'm an aspiring User Experience designer based in Friedberg (Hessen), Germany. I am passionate about user experience and interfaces, photography and design. My passion pushes me to create websites, that help my clients reach their goals.

I'm specialised in


Case Study


Autofill is a web application for League of Legends users. In late 2016 the compan Riot games decided to enable autofilling as a standard queue feature, as it improves the general experience, by making queue times faster, removing unnecessary wait time. Being autofilled means you are forced to play an unfamiliar lane. After the announcement, we saw many people being angry about Riots decision, so we decided to help the community out. We kned exactly what to do, as we were very familiar with the problem we wanted to solve. We started discussing the needs for our project.

Our first steps

We started with sketching out and transferring the finished sketch to Adobe Illustrator, creating a wireframe to guide our project. We discussed the tools we needed to accomplish our goal, which include using plain Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 with XML as our main database.